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30 Years of
Commitment to You

Nacach is more than a brand; it represents a passion for the work we do and confidence in knowing we’ll always support each other; it represents our family. Discover why thousands of estheticians have trusted our family for over 30 years.

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Professional Products Formulated To Meet All Your Needs

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We understand being a student can be stressful, overwhelming, and not to mention expensive! Our goal is to help make your early experiences a little less stressful and a lot more enjoyable. Make sure you visit our Nacach Academy to stay up to date on how-to’s, tips, and secrets.

Business Owners

Don’t let your products affect your clientele. If there’s anything we’ve learned over 30 years, it’s the importance of understanding what’s in your products. Stop by our ingredients glossary to find out exactly what’s in our products and how they can help you

Independent Estheticians

It’s never easy to find products that work for you, but you shouldn’t have to throw all your money away to find the ones that do! We make our products specifically to make your jobs easier and guarantee that your clients won’t go anywhere else. Make sure you visit our shop to find the products you need at a price that makes sense.


Our Waxes

Our signature hard waxes adhere to the hair only, ensuring excellent results on even the most sensitive areas of the body. Due to their low melting-point, soothing ingredients, and high elasticity, our hard wax beads are incredibly gentle on the skin and effective for all types of hair.


Our Wax Warmers

Nacach’s professional wax warmers are made with only the finest materials to offer unsurpassable quality and durability. Our line of top-quality warmer kits offers a wide variety of premium wax pots for all types of service.


Our Care Packages

Nacach waxing pre-wax treatments are the perfect way to prepare the skin before any professional waxing service. Nacach post-wax products are the best way to keep your skin healthy after any waxing service.


Our Sugar Paste

Our proprietary sugar pastes are entirely water-soluble and 100% natural, made with a special formula that is exclusively comprised of water and sugar.


Our Accessories

Our waxing supplies have been designed to enhance the overall waxing experience for both estheticians and clients. The esthetician supplies in this collection will make it easier to get the most from each of our waxes with items like our can holders and protectors.
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A Family Name You Can trust

 Our brand represents more than the products we manufacture; it represents our family’s commitment to assisting professionals for over 30 years. We treat all of our customers like family and provide them with everything they need to succeed!

What's In Your Product?

Cera Microcristallina / Microcrystalline Wax

Microcrystalline wax is a petroleum-based wax. Similar to paraffin wax, this odorless version differs due to its smaller crystals. The finer crystal structure makes microcrystalline wax more flexible than paraffin wax.

Paraffinum Liquidum

Paraffinum Liquidum is a petroleum based-product and is created through distillation. Mineral oil is completely transparent and is basically a liquid form of petroleum jelly. It is produced in large quantities and is used in many different ways all over the world, mostly due to its low toxicity!


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